Ordinary Folk is a motion design & animation studio based in Vancouver.

We take joy in working together with amazing artists, creating meaningful pieces that feel, move, look and sound amazing. We are a family-oriented studio that seeks to keep the important things important, and focuses on putting care into every small deed.

In order of appearance:

Owner & Creative Director

Jorge R. Canedo E.

Jorge is our founder and creative director. He spends his time hanging out with his super talented wife, playing with his crazy sons, directing projects, and attempting to create the perfect curve of animation. He aims to keep the important things important -God, family, others, and work - and he brings this same mentality to the studio.


Victor Silva

Victor is our resident Brazilian. He's also one of the most versatile and talented animators out there. When he's not working on awesome projects with us, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter, playing guitar, or cooking amazing food for his family and friends.

Executive Producer

Stefan Green

Stefan is our studio producer. When he’s not working, he’s probably spending time with his breathtaking wife, watching and talking about stories, and playing with his two winsome cats, Ducky and Moose. When he is working, he hopes to make the people around him better, laugh a little louder, and produce incredible work together. He’s honored to work with this talented group of people and humbled to do it by God’s grace.

Art Director & Animator

Greg Stewart

Greg is our art director and animator. He loves travelling, finding (and learning how to play) new music, reading a good book, and using Ease Copy to steal Jorge's perfect animation curves. He's passionate about using motion design to help organizations that seek to do good in the world, and loves learning more about our Creator through all his creative endeavours.

Art Director & Designer

Grace Pedersen

Grace is our illustrator and designer. When she isn’t scribbling she is out the door, hiking or fishing with her amazing husband and their adventure dog Rosie. She is constantly inspired by the world around her and the wonderful people she gets to collaborate with. She loves learning new things in every project, and is thankful for every day God has given her to do this work.


José Peña

José (JP) is a 20 year old(ish) animator from the Dominican Republic, freshly graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design where he fell in love with Motion Design and problem solving. Most of the time he's in Greg’s DM’s asking for his rigs to make his life easier, but when he's not, he's probably trying to beat him on Rocket League.

Junior Designer

Avikali Lomavatu

Avikali is a Canadian Fijian illustrator and designer who has a great love of color and light. She is passionate about creative problem-solving and powerful storytelling. When not sketching she can be found coffee shop hopping, thrifting vintage wool sweaters, and searching for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Manuel Neto

Manuel is a talented animator and motion designer who loves bringing characters to life. He is a minimalist in almost everything. When illustrating, animating, or picking out one of the four black shirts he owns — calculated simplicity is key. When he’s not working, every minute with his wife and kids are cherished. If there’s any time leftover, he loves to find something to fix on his bikes.

Awesome folks we've worked with: