We love the ordinary process.


To start, we shut up and listen. We may ask a question or two hundred, to get to know your brand inside and out. It helps us help you. Once we know your story (and all the juicy deets), we turn it into a script that sounds so much like you, you’ll think you wrote it yourself.


Seeing is believing. So we quickly shift our focus to look and feel. Is it 2D, 3D, Vector, Cut-out, or hand-drawn? There are endless ways to bring your story to life, but only one that’s perfect for you. And we’ll find it. We’ll stay close, sharing sketches and storyboards that get you (and our animation nerds) excited for what’s to come.


Ok. Let’s get moving! With a solid foundation in place, we leap into animation. It’s all hands on deck as we work through the nuances of motion and movement—bringing personality and expression to every object in your project. It’s a lot of work, but it’s what we love most. Making sure every detail is pixel-perfect.


Sound, score, and VO are things we’re considering from the start, and at every step, of the project. Our goal is to craft a unique mix of audio that works in concert with animation to bring the right emotion to your story, not distract from it. Once we have an animatic, we let our amazing composers do their thing. And then it’s your turn to listen.

The union of movement and sound is a magical one. And there’s nothing like seeing your concept in motion.