Royal Priests

Over the course of this year-long partnership with BibleProject, we produced over 30 minutes of animation for a six-part series exploring God’s plan for humanity to serve as Royal Priests over creation. As one of our most involved projects to date, this series pushed us to find new ways to approach storytelling on a larger scale – aiming for both an efficient process and a beautiful end result.


Creative Direction

Jorge R. Canedo E.


Stefan Green

Art Direction

Grace Pedersen

Animation Direction

Greg Stewart


Grace Pedersen, Avikali Lomavatu, Haewon Shin, Annika McFarlane


Greg Stewart, Victor Silva,
Paul Slemmer, Manuel Neto,
José Peña, Brian Covalt,
Jorge R. Canedo E., Derek Dolechek, Avikali Lomavatu

2D Animation

Claudio Salas, Taylor Peters, Jorge R. Canedo E., Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer

Produced by BibleProject

Head of Story

Tim Mackie, Jon Collins

Creative Director

Robert Perez


Miriam Chesbro

Sound Design

Reed Harvey

Styleframes & Process

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