For much of human history, rather than sharing inheritance equally among siblings, a family’s power and posessions were passed down to the firstborn son. In “The Last Will Be First”, we set out to show how the God of the Bible turns this cultural norm upside-down, often choosing to bless those least likely to inherit wealth or power. In Jesus’ Kingdom, the last are first, and true power is found through loving all people.


Creative Direction

Greg Stewart


Mona Fani, Stefan Green

Art Direction

Grace Pedersen

Animation Direction

Greg Stewart


Grace Pedersen, Avikali Lomavatu, Christopher Vela, Lorena G.


Manuel Neto, Victor Silva,
Thiago Steka, Gabriel Gareso,
Filipe Consoni, Daniel Duncan,
Pato Molina, Jonas Elsgaard,
Greg Stewart

Produced by The Bible Project

Head of Story

Tim Mackie, Jon Collins

Creative Director

Robert Perez


Patrick G. Ramos

Sound Design

Reed Harvey

Styleframes & Process

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