A biologist once told a story about his Harvard professor named Louis Agassiz, who taught him a simple habit to help him see more than he ever dreamed. The lesson he learned is also the secret to lifelong and life-changing Bible reading: keep looking.

John Piper shares the story “Agassiz and the Fish” in his new book Reading the Bible Supernaturally. We had the opportunity to bring this story to life as a part of introducing this book and several other resources intended to help Christians grow in their ability to read, and joy in reading, the Bible.

Find the full resource at desiringgod.org/keep-looking


Creative Direction & Animation

Jorge R. Canedo E.


Chris Anderson

Additional Animation

Victor Claudio Silva
Phil Borst

Music & SFX

John Poon


David Mathis
Marshall Segal
Adapted from an excerpt from "Reading the Bible Supernaturally"


Stefan Green


John Piper

Styleframes & Process

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