Elastic: Global All Hands & ElasticON 2021

It’s a hard task to capture the heart and soul of a company in under a minute, but when Elastic reached out asking us to help kick off their Global All Hands meeting the right way, we banded together with some of our favourite people and made it happen.

Bringing together designers, animators, and voices from all around the world, we had an amazing time working together to bring this project to life.


Creative Direction

Jorge R. Canedo E.


Stefan Green


Julie Rybarczyk

Art Direction

Grace Pedersen


Lorena G.
Thiago Steka
Grace Pedersen
Haewon Shin
Avikali Lomavatu
Ricardo Drehmer
Annika McFarlane


Thiago Steka
Manuel Neto
José Peña
Ricardo Drehmer
Victor Silva
Greg Stewart
Jorge R. Canedo E.

Music & SFX

Ambrose Yu

Styleframes & Process

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