We had the amazing opportunity to work on multiple projects with the Events & Experience team at Google recently. One of these projects was their first-ever Search On event. We were brought in, alongside other talented designers such as Little Troop, Joyce N. Ho, and Nicolo Bianchino to name a few, to bring the motion to life.


Search On 2020 Art Direction

Noemie Le Coz & Jeremy Elliot (Little Troop)

Ordinary Folk Creative Direction

Jorge R. Canedo E.


Stefan Green


Nuria Boj
Jorge R. Canedo E.
Lorena G
Grace Pedersen


Thiago Steka
Ricardo Drehmer
Greg Stewart
Victor Silva
Jorge R. Canedo E.
Paul Slemmer
Nicholas Ferreira
Philip von Borries
Robin Desnoue

Styleframes & Process

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