Let’s be honest, everything happens online these days — including shopping. So when Webflow told us they were creating a fully customizable ecommerce builder that gives you the best of both worlds — the user-friendly ease of drag-and-drop templates, and the power of complex code — we jumped on the opportunity to help them launch their new product with a video.

Partnering closely with their awesome team, we worked to develop a script and visual concept that brought these two worlds together. Aiming to create something that was beautiful to look at, we combined 2D and 3D techniques to build a world full of detail, dimension, and colour — while keeping the clarity of the message and the actual Webflow UI as the focal point of the video.

(Though, we may be biased because we built our site with Webflow)


Creative Direction

Jorge R. Canedo E.

Concept Development

Greg Stewart


Yuki Yamada


Greg Stewart
Jorge R. Canedo E.
Victor Silva

Music & SFX

Ambrose Yu

Styleframes & Process

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