We love working with BibleProject, and this video about Blessing and Curse throughout the Bible was no exception. We left some of our usual vector and minimal style behind and determined to explore a much more vivid and painterly look, throwing some character animation in there for good measure. This allowed us to use colourful paint strokes when we talk about blessing, and more rigid, dark brushes to visualize the curse. The project also brought its own set of technical challenges but in the end, we are really excited at how this turned out.


Creative Direction

Jorge R. Canedo E.


Stefan Green

Art Direction

Grace Pedersen

Animation Direction

Greg Stewart


Avikali Lomavatu, Grace Pedersen, Lorena G.


Manuel Neto, Victor Silva,
Greg Stewart, Paul Slemmer,
José Peña, Jorge R. Canedo E., Ricardo Drehmer, Thiago Steka, Lennon Valinhas, Mona Fani,
Daniel Duncan

Produced by The Bible Project

Head of Story

Tim Mackie, Jon Collins

Creative Direction

Robert Perez


Patrick Ramos

Sound Design

Reed Harvey

Styleframes & Process

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