3D is great. But creating 3D within your browser, for free and without rendering — that’s 🤯.

We knew we wanted to introduce Spline to the world in a special way, so we decided to learn Spline to create this brand piece and add new dimensions to our own work.


Creative Direction

Jorge R. Canedo E.


Stefan Green


Julie Rybarczyk

Art Direction

Grace Pedersen


Grace Pedersen, Avikali Lomavatu, Lorena G., Daniel Duncan

3D Animation

Daniel Duncan, Taylor Peters, Nicholas Ferreira, Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer, Marcus Bakke

2D Animation

Claudio Salas, Taylor Peters,
Jorge R. Canedo E., Thiago Steka, Ricardo Drehmer

Spline Support

Daniel Duncan, Grace Pedersen, Taylor Peters, Avikali Lomavatu, Mona Fani, Caleb Ellison

Music & SFX

Ambrose Yu


Maya Tuttle

Styleframes & Process

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